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Updating for Security

What should I update?

It is especially important to keep the software that runs the computer (operating system), software that protects your computer (Antivirus, AntiSpyware, and the firewall), and software you use to access the web (web browsers, email clients) up to date. However, people are writing software that attempts too exploit weaknesses in the other software you use, so all software should be kept up to date.

How often should I update?

The more regularly your software is updated, the safer you are. It is ideal to have your software set to update automatically.

Can I update or do I need an upgrade?

You should upgrade (get new) software when updates for your current software are no longer available.

But it takes too long.

Yes, but the benefits of updated software outweigh the inconvience. Any software that is not up to date is vulnerable. A computer infected by Malicious software will be much more inconvienient and time consuming.

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